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일본 오사카한인교회 노인복지와 노인대학 운영에 관한 고찰 [The study of social welfare problem of the Korean elderly in Japan and administration of the senior college of Osaka Korean Church] 
Edition: Korean 
Year: 2014 
Call No: NYTS.KDMIN.PDF 2014 
하나님의 형상 회복을 위한 영성 배양에 관한 연구[A study on the spirituality cultivation for restoration of the image of God] 
Edition: Korean 
Year: 2010 
Call No: NYTS.KDMIN.PDF 2010 
한국교회 해외선교에 관한 연구 : 기독교대한성결교회를 중심으로 [Cultural incarnation through transformational communication in the cross-cultural ministry: developing a theology of cultural incarnation] 
Edition: Korean 
Year: 1997 
Call No: NYTS.KDMIN.17 1997 
한인 가정폭력 피해현장에서의 치유목회 [Healing ministry for the Korean victims of domestic violence] 
Edition: Korean 
Year: 2001 
Call No: NYTS.KDMIN.1 2001 
독신여성 해방을 통한 교회 갱신 : 산정현교회 공동체 중심으로 [The church renewal through the ministry of single women: with special reference to the program of San Jung Hyun community] 
Edition: Korean 
Year: 1993 
Call No: NYTS.KDMIN.6 1993 
"Help! The water is troubled 
Edition: English 
Year: 1977 
Call No: NYTS.EDMIN.33 1977 
"The development of an organized lay leadership empowerment program in Temple Avoda" 
Edition: English 
Year: 1985 
Call No: NYTS.EDMIN.30 1985 
A christian mentoring program 
Edition: English 
Year: 2009 
Call No: NYTS.EDMIN.UB40 2009 
A critique of the symbolic interaction in the process of storytelling and its potential as an agent of change in human relations 
Edition: English 
Year: 1979 
Call No: NYTS.EDMIN.37 1979 
A legacy of collegiality 
Edition: English 
Year: 1982 
Call No: NYTS.EDMIN.25 1982